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 Here are some notable wins through the years....


Brandy and me in 91. First time in the obedience ring she got a 1st place and qualifing score. Broadway's Sweet Sensation, Jody. BOBP 10 weeks old
Jake's first ASCA win in 92. Jake finishing his ASCA Ch at 3 and his son, Chance, 8 weeks, winning his first Best of Breed Puppy.
Jake winning 1st in his class at the AKC Nationals 1997 Jake and Chance winning Brace at the 97 AKC Nationals
 Spider at the 2001 ASCA Nationals Dillon getting an A-BOB Award
 Flea, 2001 3 breeder judges, 3 BOBs  Flea, ASCA Nationals 2002, 3 Premier awards
 Jake winning stud dog in 96 with Chance, Penny, Dillon and Bear  





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