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Lorac's Zoom'N at Western Hills



Zoom was born on June 7, 2001. I want to thank Carol Harvey of Lorac Aussies for making this boy possible. I was lucky enough to get to handle both Zoom's mother and father to their ASCA Championship's. In turn, I personally got see the structure but true temperament on them. Coco and Trader are both wonderful, in the show ring and out and I am excited I have a part of both of them.

So far, Zoom has fit in perfectly. Carol did a great job raising him up and have had a great time with him. He is a happy puppy that loves to play. Structurally he is extremely correct with sidegait that reminds me so much of his mother's. Temperament is just like his dad, the sweet dog that loves to show his silly, zooming side at times.

Zoom has already taken several BOBP awards. Watch for him in the big dog classes after Dec 2001. I was lucky enough to co-lease Coco for this great cross, thanks again Carol.



Zoom's parents:

AKC/ASCA/CAN/UKC CH McKays Terbo Trix Ofthe Trade "Trader" X  Ch. Lorac's Coconut Rose, HIC






Heidi Mobley, 9081 Culp Branch Rd, Sanger, Tx 76266