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Chance was born July 19, 1993. He got his name after we went to visit his dad's first litter. We own the sire (Ch. Briarbrooks's Image Maker, Cd, STD-S) and could not get this little black puppy out of our mind. We were, at that time, unfamiliar with the pedigree of the mother. Since then we researched the names and found out he is out of some of the Aussie greats. Chance's grandfather is Ch. Hallmark of Windermere OTD-d. His grandmother is WTCH Outfitter Hemi's Misty Dawn, Cd, which is line bred Hemi. Chance is definitely my husband's dog. He listens to me and I train him, but only Scott can get Chance to really wiggle and talk. Chance is a real-laid back dog, a joy to own.

Chance also does several product ads photo shots! Look for him on our Famous Dog page!

We kicked Chance off the couch and put him in the Altered Conformation Special's ring for 2000-2001! And he is LOVED IT! He is so happy to be back in the ring. The first weekend out Chance picked up a BOS and a BOB! I am thrilled. He is a very correct, sound dog that is fun to show.

Chance ended up number one in the ASCA Altered Conformation Nationals Rankings for the year 2000-2001!

At the 2002 ASCA Nationals Chance picked up 2 Premier Champion awards.

Chance is a just a home buddy now. He sleeps on my son's bed at night and always is up to a game of tug a war!

9/2/05 - Today we lost our buddy to intestinal lymphoma. Chance was that dog of a lifetime and will always be in our hearts. Rest well old friend......






Heidi Mobley, 9081 Culp Branch Rd, Sanger, Tx 76266