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Crocker's Man of Mystery


Every year the Fort Worth Star Telegram had a contest for the local elementary schools. The class that reads the most books in an assigned amount of time gets a visit from John Erickson and Hank the Cowdog. For those that are not familiar with Hank, he is head of the Ranch Security in some of the best grade school books in print. They are very funny and a great book just to read aloud to your kids.

With the visit comes the most important part of why the kids wanted to make sure that they won this competition. Their principal has to kiss Hank the Cowdog. Each year Western Hills tries to have a Hank for the principal to kiss, this year it was Austin. Austin did a great job and made sure he gave the principal plenty of kisses back! The most impressive thing about Austin, he was "mugged" by over 20 kids at one time all trying to pet Hank the Cowdog. Austin took it as a kid fest and tried to see how many kids he could kiss at one time. He did a great job and will look forward to next year's fun.

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