Ch. Crocker’s Man of Mystery


Yes, I let my husband help name Austin. His name is Austin, from the movie Austin Powers.

Austin is a wonderful dog. From playing with his favorite toy to wiggling his way into my heart. Thank you Pam Heintzelman and Chris Almiquist for letting Austin come to Texas. He is totally Groovy!

Austin easily finished in ASCA and just finished his AKC Ch. Thank you Donna Wattenbarger for handling Austin to several of his wins in ASCA and David Williams for finishing Austin's AKC Ch.

Austin was Winner's dog at the 2004 USASA AKC Nationals!!! Thank you David Williams for doing such a WONDERFUL job with handling him!

Austin had a great year in 2007-2008 in the altered program with Mackenzie. He finished number 18 with her showing him the whole time. Mackenzie at age 8 was the youngest to take a dog to ASCA conformation finals and do all the points herself. I can't say how proud I am of both of them.

Austin is retired and just enjoying the good life at home. You can always fine him with a toy in his mouth and a good butt wiggle when as he greets you at the door.

Austin has been a special dog that has come into our lives and we are very thankful for him.